tvtag Is Shutting Down

Nearly a year after rebranding the GetGlue entertainment check-in platform, i.TV’s tvtag is shutting down on January 1st of next year.

It’s been a rough go for the social networking service since tvtag made the decision to discontinue mailing users physical copies of the virtual stickers they had received for their check-ins in late 2013. Loyal users were outraged (some went so far as to start a petition to bring the stickers back — to no avail). A few months back, tvtag previewed a “new look” to the platform; one that was never taken out of beta (the link to test out tvtag 2.0 went down after a few weeks).

tvtag emailed users today announcing their plans to shutter the service, and as of this evening, has added a message to their website. Users wishing to retain their data from the site can do so by emailing with their username in the subject.

While, personally, I try to log my (extensive) television viewing on tvtag, the service has understandable competition from social networks like Facebook & Twitter, which offer users the chance to share their thoughts about what they’re watching without signing up & logging in to a separate platform.

Anyone surprised by this news? Is there another social network any of you can recommend for logging your viewing habits?