Twitter is Now a News App in the App Store

Having trouble locating Twitter in Apple’s App Store? That’s probably because, as of today, Twitter is now a News App.

The story broke on, of all places, Twitter—where Cory Bergman (co-founder of @BreakingNews) posted a screenshot of the top free News apps for iOS. Twitter now sits atop this list; whereas, before today, the app was 5th on the social networking charts behind three Facebook-owned properties and Pinterest.

App developers are allowed to reclassify their apps per Apple’s dev guidelines whenever they are updating to a new versions, which is what Twitter did today.

The reclassification of Twitter as a News app comes one day after the company reported Q1 earnings, in which the company increased logged-in users by 3%, but missed revenue expectations and posted an $80 million net loss.

Positioning itself as a News app may be a long-term strategy for Twitter—albeit, an odd one, given the company has just secured the rights to livestream Thursday Night Football this season—but in the interim, being number one in the App Store could provide a short-term win in terms of user growth.

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