Two Weeks with My iPhone 6 Plus, & I Wouldn’t Go Back

The reaction I get from people when they ask to hold my new iPhone 6 Plus is fairly universal: besides questioning my decision to not put a case on it (I loathe phone cases), pretty much everyone exclaims, “it’s too big”.

Image via Apple

Fortunately, I just don’t agree with that, one bit. And, quite frankly, after spending just two weeks with my new 5.5″ iPhone, I’m confident when I say, I would never want to go back.

Having been an iPhone user since the 3G, my single biggest complaint in the last few years about Apple’s mobile product has been the screen size. I often have found myself gazing fondly at my brother’s Samsung Galaxy and its massive, brightly-lit display; and, honestly, were it not for my unwarranted dislike for Android (and the advanced knowledge of a larger 6 Plus coming), I may have ditched iOS entirely.

Fortunately, for both myself and Apple (seeing how I’ve spent, roughly, $2500 since 2009 on mobile devices alone– not to mention iTunes, chargers, earbuds, et al), abandoning the iPhone didn’t come to fruition. It didn’t need to. The iPhone 6 Plus does, in fact, fulfill my needs in a mobile device: from the OS to the display, I must admit, I’m quite impressed with what Apple has produced (even if, as Android enthusiasts like to note, they weren’t the first to do so).

Noticeably improved battery life, a beautiful display, and the integrated features of iOS8 make for an overall well-rounded experience. Sure, there’s a ‘learning curve’ in carrying a much bigger phone around all day (and, admittedly, I’ve had some challenges trying to skip songs on Spotify while walking to work with a large coffee & smoke in hand)– but, I can attest, any initial uncomfortableness is quickly forgotten.

Now, this was never intended to be a braggart’s tale of materialism; no, rather, a message to those of you who were/are considering the iPhone 6 Plus, but worry it’ll be “too big”.

Try it. Go ahead: give it a week or so. Most major mobile providers offer returns/exchanges within the first 30 days (please, for the love of god, check yours first), and if that’s the case, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. I’m willing to bet that a good percentage of iPhone loyalists, skittish at the larger size of the 6 Plus, will quickly find that, like I have, they couldn’t fathom going back to anything smaller.

Those of you with the new 6 Plus: do you feel the same way, or are you wishing you would’ve went with the smaller iPhone 6 instead? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts!

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