How to Stream the 2016 Rio Olympics

Despite issues (or, depending on how sadistic you’re feeling—because of them), many of you will be interested in the Summer Olympics in Rio, beginning this Friday. For those without cable or looking for options outside of NBC’s nightly coverage, the games are once again going digital in 2016.

Rio Olympics Streaming via NBC

For cable subscribers, NBC has several easy options to stream the Summer games. Both and an NBC Sports app (available on iOS, Android, and basically everything else) have got your Rio Olympic streaming locked-down, with live coverage supposedly exceeding 4,500 hours.

Rio Olympics Streaming W/Out Cable

While NBC does hold exclusive rights to the Rio Olympics here in the States, the BBC in the UK and CBC in Canada will be streaming the games in their respective countries as well. If you have a US IP address, you’ll be blocked from viewing these. However, you could set up a VPN (hypothetically), using this link as a guide (again, hypothetically) to view BBC or CBC feeds from the comfort of your US homestead.

If you’re not interested in that (hypothetical) workaround, there are two other options. Sling & PlayStation Vue both offer a full lineup of NBC channels, and both products provide free trials for new users. Just make sure to cancel before your trial is over (unless you plan on keeping either), or risk being charged for at least a full month’s service.

Know Before You Stream

There’s going to be a ton of Olympics coverage over the next 16 days, so be sure to not go in blindly. For those watching in the US, NBC has their complete lineup broken down by day here. Canada and the UK have done the same for their viewing audiences.

Bing also has a useful Events to Watch tool set up to help those uncertain of what Olympics events they would like to see.