AMC Premieres “Halt and Catch Fire” On Tumblr

I don’t nearly take enough time to write about one of my first (and still, most dedicated) obsessions, television, as the digital world has so many moving parts on a regular basis, that the Internet has seemingly no restraint on its grasp of my attention.

So when the two collide –when social media meets TV– well, that’s just as good of an excuse to hit the keyboard as any. 

Today, the network that brought us Breaking Bad and Mad Men debuted the first episode of their new Summer drama, Halt and Catch Fire on Tumblr, of all the places. This is a first for the social networking platform, and also marks the first foray by AMC to premiere new television shows online.

Starring Lee Pace (from the visually-stunning & cancelled-too-soon Pushing Daisies), Halt and Catch Fire is set in Texas in the early 1980’s, and features a team of computer programmers working to reverse-engineer an IBM to “change the future of computing”. Given the subject matter, I’ve been looking forward to this show since first hearing about it a few months back, and I think it’s a good move for the network to promote such content via Tumblr (where it already has a major fan-base, with Walking Dead and Breaking Bad memes throughout).

The premiere of Halt and Catch Fire will be available for the next two weeks on AMC’s Tumblr, in addition to AMC On-Demand and TV EVERYWHERE. The show debuts on the network June 1st, for those of you who’d rather wait…for whatever odd reason that could be.

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