The First “Better Call Saul” Promo Says Little, But It’s Something

At only 10 seconds long, AMC isn’t giving much away about the Breaking Bad spin-off featuring Saul Goodman– but, it’s better than nothing, right?

Better Call Saul, set to premiere in February of 2015, will be set in 2002, according to an interview creator Vince Gilligan gave with Mashable last month; before Saul Goodman was wrapped up with meth kingpins Gus & Heisenberg, before his billboards were plastered all over greater Albuquerque– hell, before he was even Saul Goodman. Johnny McGill (presumably the character’s actual name) and his adventures as a “small-time” attorney, trying to make his bones, is likely to be told in scattered, non-linear fashion, leaving open the possibility of seeing Walter White make a return, of sorts.

Jonathan Banks will be returning to his Breaking Bad role of Mike Ehrmantraut, but besides for that, no other OG-series characters have been confirmed for Saul. But, there’s always hope. In the meantime, as AMC is repeating Breaking Bad from beginning to end every Sunday night from now until October, expect to see more on the spin-off coming the next few months.

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