The Major “Better Call Saul” Easter Egg You May Have Missed

Warning: Major spoilers below

While the second year of the Breaking Bad prequel just wrapped this week, a major Better Call Saul season 3 easter egg has slowly been revealing itself episode-by-episode.

As Twitter users were noting even before Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould exposed their cleverly-hidden secret on the Saul post-show Monday night, taking the first letters of each episode of season 2 will leave you with an anagram for “Fring’s Back”—Fring, of course, a reference to the infamous chicken and meth slinging Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut’s employer on Breaking Bad.

The insinuation that Fring was possibly behind the “Don’t” message left for Mike just as he had Hector Salamanca in his sights (literally) was likely in many a viewers’ mind before this easter egg was revealed; however, the likelihood that fans will be re-introduced to Gus in season 3 of Saul makes his interference in Mike’s revenge all the more possible. 

Better Call Saul has already carefully woven several recognizable Bad characters into both seasons, with Hector Salamanca’s appearance in season 2 probably the biggest of the non-returning cast members thus far. Gus Fring, however, would arguably be a much more defining moment for fans of both series, as the character served as a central antagonist for two of Breaking Bad‘s five seasons.

Not that Better Call Saul really needs the Bad help. Gilligan and Gould have done what I thought would be impossible—they’ve created a fascinating dynamic based not on the hope that one day Jimmy McGill would become Saul Goodman, but rather, rooted in our desire to cheer for Jimmy McGill, the actually-kind-decent guy who stretches the rules a bit; and Mike Ehrmantraut, the former cop who, despite his criminal methods, is essentially just looking out for the scrap of family he has left.

With or without Gus Fring, Better Call Saul is one of the best shows on television; however, you won’t hear a single complaint from me if Gilligan & Gould decide to bring back one of the most entertaining villains other than Heisenberg himself.