Bill Nye is Returning to TV (Well, Netflix)

On the day when the streaming giant satiated rabid Stranger Things fans with a YouTube video announcing the show would return for season 2, Netflix dropped another gem for the viewing audience:

Everyone’s favorite bow-tied science guy, Bill Nye, will be getting his own talk show on Netflix beginning in 2017.

The Bill Nye Netflix show, tentatively titled Bill Nye Saves the World, will “explore science its impact on politics, society and pop culture”, according to Variety.  Each episode will deal with oft-discussed and potentially controversial issues, such as global warming, from a scientific perspective, with Nye taking on politicians, religious leaders, and other popular figures.


Bill Nye’s Netflix series is the scientist’s first return to television since the conclusion of his long-running Bill Nye, Science Guy, which ran on PBS during the 90’s.

Revivals are big this year—as we saw in our Fall 2016 preview—and Netflix is no stranger to these themselves, with Fuller House prepping for season 2 and the Gilmore Girls special hitting the network this Thanksgiving. Nye himself has enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to social media, YouTube, and the barrage of pure scientific stupidity being spewed by politicians on a seemingly endless basis.

The Bill Nye Netflix talk show Bill Nye Saves the World is expected to debut next Spring.