Tube’D: “Breaking Bad” Finale Postmortem

(Warning: The Below Contains Spoilers)

I began to write this yesterday evening, at 9:15 CDT, just as the end credits began to roll. Thoughts were swirling around my brain; was what I had just seen really the end? After five seasons with Walt-slash-Heisenberg, Jesse, Skyler, Purple Marie and the rest, was this what we’re left with? Unlike what you may be thinking right now, none of those thoughts was fueled by disappointment, or an unsatisfactory longing for something more– no, instead, I thought, that was perfect.

I wanted to wait until I had slept on it, gave it some time to process to see if I still felt the same in the morning. Yep, I have to say I do. That was one of the greatest series finales I have ever seen; might ever to see, in fact. Although I am sure, years down the line, another show will become a staple of my DVR, and just might have an impact as it eventually concludes– I don’t see that coming anytime in the near future.

I was a big fan of the show Burn Notice, which just ended its run a few weeks ago. While I thought the ending was befitting of the overall story-line, in all honesty, it should have ended a couple of seasons ago. Plots became ridiculous, border-line absurd, and the series finale was more of a sigh of relief then anything worthy of what started as an intelligent piece of television.

Then there are shows that will forever remain in my Top 10, such as The Sopranos, with series conclusions that had me (and, basically everyone else) left wanting some finality. Seinfeld‘s swan song was just strange (and not very funny, IMO); House went on too long, and left many things open for interpretation…in fact, I have trouble thinking of a series finale I have actually enjoyed. Usually, I am left with more questions than answers; or, worst-case scenario, just glad they’re not trying to do another season.

But this wasn’t the case with Bad. When I finished writing my last post on the show, I fully expected to be penning an “Unanswered Questions” piece last night; instead, I am delighted to say, that’s unnecessary. The ricin cigarette? In the Stevia (which, I’m sure that company is none too pleased about). Walt getting his money to his children? Thank the Schwartz family (with some help from Skinny Pete and Badger). Huell? Well, let’s face it– I wasn’t actually wondering what would happen to him. But, you get the idea.

The longtime fans of Breaking Bad were treated to what most of us had hoped for: an ending. No loose ends, no lingering questions or open-ended scenes; in Mike’s words, no half measures. It was perfect, just like most of the 62 episodes had been. I am sad the ride is over….but, it was worth every second of it.

Goodbye, Breaking Bad. See you in syndication, bitch.

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