Tube’D: “Breaking Bad”– #ItsOver

(Warning: The Below May Contain Spoilers)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, this will come as no news to anyone: the critically and commercially successful AMC show Breaking Bad is done. Over. Finito. After Sunday night, there will be no more Jesse; blue meth = gone; Heisenberg is hanging up his hat. I think you get the drift.

After 5 seasons, all Bad things are coming to an end. While it’s always hard to part with the ones you love (in this TV addict’s case, the characters), it honestly couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

Unlike many shows (ahem, Dexter, I’m looking at you) that drag on just a little too long, Breaking Bad has kept a perfect pace throughout; like it or not, this is a good time to bid adieu. The storyline has reached a point of no return. Jesse is being held captive by the supremacists once on his and Walter’s side; Saul is going AWOL; Hank is dead; The White Family, minus its patriarch, are pariahs in their own community; and Walt, our “protagonist” (in a manner of speaking) has his face all over the news as one of the Most Wanted. Not really much wiggle room here…

So, what is to come of the characters that are still alive? Your guess is as good as mine. Aaron Paul has been teasing for some time that there couldn’t possibly be a feature film following the conclusion of the series, since, as he put it, “everyone dies”. Is he serious? I doubt it. While Jesse & Walt’s futures are up-in-the-air, I can’t see the rest of the Whites suffering any more tragic a fate then, maybe, Skyler ending up in jail (and honestly, who cares about Skyler anyway??).

Some possibilities, based on where we are now:

  • Walt kills the White Supremacists & Todd, frees Jesse, only for the two of them to kill each other in an epic duel
  • Jesse is killed following his last cook; Walt goes after his former partner & girlfriend at Gray Matter for their interview on Charlie Rose. Skyler ends up in jail; Marie takes the kids
  •  Walt kills the Supremacists AND Jesse, is arrested but dies from cancer before his trail. Skyler is exonerated by his testimony, and just before the credits role, Skyler finds money hidden by Walt that he stole back from Todd & Co.

Or, possibly, like Paul himself said– everyone dies. One thing that I’m (fairly) certain on is that we won’t see an open-ended Sopranos conclusion; nor will we be subjected to “this was all a chemo-fueled dream of Walt’s” finale. No, after all this time, the only way this carefully orchestrated storyline can end is with clear and concise finality. And that’s all us fans are asking for.

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