Deadwood May Finally Be Getting Its Movie Ending, After All

Nearly ten years ago, HBO prematurely cancelled cult Western hit Deadwood, after just three 12-episode seasons and leaving fans with no on-screen resolutions.

Rumors have swirled for years that a Deadwood movie was potentially in the works—and finally, after all this time, we have some semblance of belief that this may truly occur. 

HBO president Michael Lombardo confirmed to TVLine yesterday that he has given series creator David Milch the green-light to resurrect Deadwood; as a movie, not as any sort of “limited series” (similar to what Fox is doing with The X-Files, premiering January 24th).

Lombardo admitted that reuniting the busy cast—which includes Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, and Molly Parker—may be a difficult task, one he’s put on Milch to get accomplished. Milch is currently working on another project, but Lombardo expects the Deadwood movie to be next on his agenda.