Donald Trump to Host SNL on November 7th

As much as the fact that he could actually win the presidency scares the crap out of me, Donald Trump hosting SNL once again actually….doesn’t. Especially given who the music guest will be when he returns.

As NBC confirmed today, the GOP presidential candidate will return to host Saturday Night Live on November 7th of this year. It will be the second time The Donald has hosted the late night sketch show—the first was in 2004, when then-cast member Darrell Hammond (now SNL‘s announcer & KFC spokesman) joined him during his monologue to poke-fun at Trump’s infamous “you’re fired” catchphrase.

Interestingly, the same network fired Trump from his own show, The Apprentice, after the GOP candidate’s derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants. At the time, NBC said that while Trump would no longer host Apprentice, he would be allowed to appear on any of the network’s late night talk shows.

When Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appeared as a bartender on this year’s season opener, Trump criticized her performance on Twitter—which, if you’ve been even passively following this upcoming election or Trump’s career comes as little surprise, considering he criticizes damn near everything, everywhere that anyone does.

This should make for some entertaining—if not also awkward—television. SNL‘s cold-open for the season premiere mocked Trump & wife Melania (as we expect will continue through the duration of the campaign), and the show has made clear its Liberal stance with multiple skits mocking Republicans’ views on gun control.

Throwing additional fuel on the awkward moments fire, the musical guest for the November 7th episode of SNL will be none other than Sia. Last year, the singer-songwriter blasted Sarah Palin for using her song “Titanium” as exit music at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Sia champions for LGBT rights (she is bi-sexual herself), and is a staunch liberal.

Trump hosting SNL on 11/7 should be interesting, to say the least. And by interesting, I of course mean exceptionally awkward for all of us watching at home.