‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Not Excited for It, but Worth a Shot

Though we’re just about 12 hours into adjusting to the idea of no more The Walking Dead until October, there is some (potentially) promising news on the horizon: we won’t have to wait until late Fall to get more TWD. 

Kind of.

As some of you have no doubt heard by now, the TWD companion series, now called Fear The Walking Dead, will get its debut on AMC this Summer. Fear will be set in Los Angeles; rumor is the show will take place just after the zombie breakout (when Rick was in a coma in TWD, to give viewers a glimpse into the initial carnage & confusion in the first weeks of the apocalypse.

Like many who may be reading this news for the first time, I have mixed feelings about Fear The Walking Dead.

I’m not a fan of the title — and a quick Google search shows I’m definitely not the only one. In all fairness, however, The Walking Dead has tremendous brand recognition, even in just name alone. Keeping TWD part of the title is, therefore, understandable; though, I think I would have prefered Before The Walking Dead or The Walking Dead: Beginnings or any number of other possibilities other than “fear”.

Whatever. The name of a show isn’t quite enough to keep me away; especially given the fondness I have for the original-recipe version. Though, that is where another one of my hesitations arise.

TWD has always been more of a character-driven show than about the story, for me at least. I realize I may be in the minority, but given the concept of a “zombie apocalypse” isn’t unique, I tune in weekly to see how the characters I’ve grown to root for manage to continue to make it in the post-infection world.

Granted, I am quite curious to see how the world of TWD began — and, with Robert Kirkman, Gale Ann Hurd, Greg Nicotero & David Alpert all on-board for Fear, I have no doubt the finished product will at least be entertaining.

Plus, if I’ve learned nothing from short-changing shows like Better Call Saul  or last Summer’s WeTV series The Divide before they’ve even aired, I often have no real clue what I’m gonna like, until I actually give it a try.

We’ll all have our chance to take Fear The Walking Dead for a test-drive; the first six episodes premiere this Summer, while the already-greenlit season 2 will appear sometime in 2016.

(btw, if you’re wondering why every article you read about Fear has the same Kim Dickens-featured photo, it’s because it is the only pic from the series AMC has released thus far.)