FXNOW Review: A Major Disappointment from a Great Network

The FX Network has enjoyed a long run of quality original entertainment. From The Shield and Nip/Tuck to recent favorites like Sons of Anarchy and newcomer Fargo, FX has been able to maintain a warchest of high-grade programming, historically reserved for premium nets like HBO & Showtime.

It’s just too bad their on-demand app doesn’t reflect that quality. Like, at all

FXNOW, the company’s attempt at following in the footsteps of the aforementioned HBO GO (and, since the last update, Showtime Anytime), may hold the undesirable title of “app deleted from my iPad the fastest”.

There are so many problems with the FXNOW app, that one wonders why anyone would want this thing taking up real estate on their mobile device (which, btw, currently enjoys a 1.5 star rating on the App Store).

Where to begin with this FXNOW review. For starters, if you’re looking for a rich library of current and past FX favorites — you’re SOL. While there are a few of the latest SOAAmerican Horror Story, and Anger Management episodes to be viewed, most of the network’s original content — including newer shows like JustifiedThe StrainTyrant, and others — are nowhere to be found.

There are, however, a mix of old Mad About You and Buffy titles on FXNOW (if you’re looking for either of those), and some more recent movies (Taken is featured as of the time of this post) — but, here’s where the fun begins: because, in following the pattern of a patently-shitty app, viewing anything on FXNOW means watching commercials, too.


FXNOW’s one redeeming feature, if there is one, is the extensive number of The Simpsons episodes that can be found on the app (as in: all of them). So, there is that.

Of course, there’s no support for Google Chromecast (like you should expect that by now); however, FXNOW can be found on the Xbox, Apple TV, and iOS/Android/Windows devices (if you’re still interested).

Though, I can’t see why anyone really would be.

  • Jessica

    Bastard executioner was a joke! What about those 2 prostitutes? Lame work ! Get better actresses next time !

  • MBE

    Whats so bad? I don’t have a lot of problems with it, signing in to your cable provider got me to be able to binge-watch ‘The Simpsons’. The only 2 problems is when closed for a while you have to restart and on the phone its hard to get it to be horizontal not vertical.