HBO’s “Vinyl” Cancelled After Already Being Renewed

Congratulations are in order to the cast of HBO’s Vinyl: you’re now (unofficially) the highest-ranking flop in the network’s history.

Despite being renewed after its series premiere, HBO’s rock drama Vinyl has officially been given the axe by the network. Before announcing the show’s cancellation last week, HBO had previously replaced showrunner Terence Winter with Scott Z. Burns, who was due to revamp the series before year two.

Vinyl was not well-received by critics or viewers from the start. Variety called the premiere “a big, messy affair”, while the Atlantic noted “it’s the same story rock has told about itself time and again.” However, worth noting is the show’s 77% “Fresh” rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, and 8/10 score at IMDB. Obviously some, including myself, found Vinyl at least somewhat entertaining.

With Vinyl cancelled after HBO invested $100 million in the show, it’s fairly safe to assume this will go down as one of the biggest one-and-done failures for the premium network for some time to come. Though most HBO shows are given at least two years to find an audience, there are exceptions. Back in 2012, HBO cancelled Luck after one season when several horses died during production. The short-lived John from Cincinnati also only made it a single season, despite starting with a lead-in from The Sopranos.

Vinyl isn’t the only show in recent history to be cancelled after already being renewed, either. Last Summer, AMC gave 80’s computer drama Halt and Catch Fire its series sendoff, only to announce the show would be returning for “another” final season this August.