Kurt Sutter Reportedly Working on ‘SOA’ Spin-Off

Before FX hit Sons of Anarchy ended its seven-year ride in 2014, People reported that series creator Kurt Sutter was interested in doing a spin-off of the popular drama — potentially, focusing on the early days of the SAMCRO motorcycle club.

Even as Sutter is busy on his forthcoming The Bastard Executioner, which hits FX in September, rumors are flying once again about a possible Sons of Anarchy spin-off; though, not one focused on John Teller and SAMCRO, but instead, the largely Mexican-American Mayan MC. 

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Sutter has been tossing around the idea of featuring SAMCRO’s on again/off again rivals with his friends at Fox. The Mayans were featured heavily in SOA, and had their hands in everything from heroin to prostitution, so there’s certainly plenty of material there.

While I’m sure SOA fans will be happy with any opportunity to revisit the show, I can’t help but feel a tad disappointed by this latest news. Personally, I was looking forward to seeing the origins of SAMCRO — with JT, Clay, Piney — especially given that early rumors had Charlie Hunnam returning to Charming to play the role of his father.

Sons of Anarchy fans: what do you think about the latest spin-off rumors?

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