Wait, What?? Ben Affleck is the New Batman?!?

In a move that can only be described as “Huh????”, Variety announced today that Warner Bros has decided to go with Ben “I’ve Only Been Good in Kevin Smith Flicks” Affleck as the new Batman, in the upcoming (and formally, anticipated)  Batman-Superman feature.

That sound you just heard was all of Christopher Nolan’s work being flushed down a very sh*tty drain.

Don’t get me wrong– despite the appearance, I have nothing against Affleck as an actor. I finally sat down and watched “Good Will Hunting” the other night, and I found it entertaining. And, as previously alluded to, I thought he was great in “Dogma” (a very underrated flick) and “Chasing Amy”. I enjoyed “The Town” (probably more than I should have) and the “Ocean’s” films were goo…wait, sorry, that’s Casey. Whatever. Point is, it’s not personal, alright?

It just seems like some clueless Hollywood exec leaned back in his overpriced office chair, IMDB loaded on his MacBook Pro, and said, aloud, “you know who’d be great as Batman?”…then proceeded to Google Oscar winners from last year, saw a white dude, and thought, “bingo”. There couldn’t have been much, any thought put into that decision. I refuse to believe otherwise.

I’m as disappointed as everyone else that Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan won’t have anything to do with this film; but, this announcement just takes things to a new level. And that level is sad & uninteresting.

I mean, it could be worse…they could’ve tapped Jim Carrey or Val Kilmer or (god forbid) TIm Burton to direct George Clooney again. But aside from those catastrophic scenarios, this is about as bad as it can get for the Caped Crusader.

Gotham, with a Southie accent. I can’t imagine how that could be bad.