Disney’s Netflix-Exclusive Deal Begins in September

Come Fall, Netflix will be a little bit more magical for you and your family.

Via a blog post this Monday, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos announced the arrival of an lucrative licensing deal with Disney that was signed back in 2012. This agreement makes Netflix the “exclusive US pay TV home” for films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar for the remainder of the deal.

The Disney Netflix streaming pact is just one piece of the latter’s plan to revitalize its lineup and continue to both expand and hold on to existing subscribers. In 2014, Netflix signed a four picture deal with Adam Sandler for streaming-only releases to add to their growing lineup of exclusive series content. And, back in August, the company dropped Epix movies, citing rising costs and the fact that the movies were not exclusive to the streaming provider. 

Though there is already a smattering of Disney content on Netflix currently, the Netflix-exclusive arrangement guarantees that more of your favorites from the company behind Mickey & Minnie will be on their way.

One question still outstanding: as a result of the Disney Netflix streaming pact, will Star Wars: The Force Awakens appear on Netflix in September as well? Per the terms of the agreement, only films released in theaters in 2016 are inherently included—however, I wouldn’t completely rule it out. These terms do imply, though, that we should see Captain America: Civil War on Netflix at some point.

Netflix hasn’t offered up anything in the way of specifics as to which titles are included in the agreement up to this point—so for now, we’ll just have to wait & see.