Seeing ‘The Interview’ Now Has Little To Do with the Movie Itself

Ever since the unprecedented hack of Sony Pictures during the week of Thanksgiving, and the subsequent canceling of the movie’s planned Christmas Day release, seeing ‘The Interview’ has been, for many, more than about viewing two hours of James Franco & Seth Rogen bumbling through the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Some Americans want the chance to see ‘The Interview’ as a sort of act of patriotism; many in Hollywood want the movie to be shown to prevent a precedent from being set (don’t like a film? hack the studio); still, others would like to view ‘The Interview’ just to see what all the fuss is about. 

Whatever the attraction, one thing is perfectly clear: there are a whole hell of a lot of people that want to see ‘The Interview’ now. Likely, even — more than would’ve wanted to otherwise.

The movie itself, honestly, doesn’t seem all that impressive; the CIA recruits a television host to assassinate the North Korean leader under the guise of doing an exclusive interview (‘Pineapple Express’ it’s not, folks). Sure, the Rogen/Franco combo will generate some laughs (personally, I like them both, so I could foresee a chuckle or two) — but, we’re not talking about some mind-blowing thriller with visually-stunning cinematography and a storyline that would make even the greatest Hollywood writers jealous.

It’s a buddy comedy. With a silly premise. But, it could eventually become the most-viewed in this genre since Jim Carrey was in his prime & Chris Farley was still around.

And it wouldn’t have been — if it weren’t for all the hype.

Not to be naive, it’s fairly obvious why the Supreme Leader would be upset (imagine if a foreign film studio made a “comedy” about assassinating Obama?); though, hacking Sony Pictures, thereby creating a firestorm of media coverage over the film, probably wasn’t the smartest way to discourage people from wanting to see why the movie was worth all the trouble.

While I’ll probably wait for the DVD or Netflix release for ‘The Interview’, if you’re interested in seeing it this Christmas, Mashable has started compiling a list of theaters planning on screening it here.