Mr. Robot is the Best New Show of the Summer

Christian Slater hasn’t had a very good string of luck in lead roles on TV. Most of you probably won’t remember last year’s Mind Games, or 2011’s Breaking In, 2008’s My Own Worst Enemy, or 2009’s aptly-named The Forgotten. But, the USA Network may have finally gotten a Slater vehicle correct with Mr. Robot — all by taking him out of the lead.

While Slater plays the titular character on Mr. Robot, the star of the show is a relative unknown in Rami Malek. As an opiate addicted, internet security expert by day, hacker by night — Malek is brilliant. Malek’s Elliot is a dark, disturbed character with social anxiety disorder (all very relatable to me) that unwillingly teams up with Slater’s Mr. Robot and his band of merry hackers known as FSociety to take down a Google-esque company called Evil Corp (yes, that name is hokey — but I promise, it’s the only cringe-worthy part of the show). 

Hollywood has had a poor history with hacker-related movies (a topic that comes up in episode 4), typically showing absolute fantasy scenarios and better-than-real-life computer simulations. Mr. Robot avoids both of these pitfalls, and creates a believable world in which FSociety functions as a smaller version of our real-world Anonymous.

And you have to give Christian Slater his props on this one — he plays the obsessive, anti-society Mr. Robot as if he actually believes the rhetoric being written for him (and maybe he does?).

Though Mr. Robot was slated to be a miniseries, USA has already renewed the show for a second season. This should come as no surprise; Mr. Robot holds an impressive 9.2 rating on IMDB with over 31k reviewers, and is the second-highest viewed show on USA behind Suits. Critics have also been impressed with the show, with Forbes calling Mr. Robot  “a modern classic” and Nerdist in agreement with me about it being one of the best shows this Summer.

Are you watching Mr. Robot? What are your thoughts on the show??

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