Offline Viewing Now Available on Netflix

After years of denying users the ability to watch movies & television without a proper Internet connection, Netflix offline viewing surprisingly launched Wednesday on iOS & Android apps.

For a company that famously stated movie & TV downloads would never be offered, Netflix offline viewing was arguably essential for the platform to continue to expand its user-base. Competitors like Amazon Prime have offered content downloads for some time; and with more people viewing mobile content on-the-go, squashing a product feature so heavily demanded of users wasn’t doing Netflix any favors.

The feature went live to all subscribers globally simultaneously; though, there are limitations to Netflix’s offline viewing offering at launch. For example, popular Netflix Originals such as House of Cards and Stranger Things are available for download; however, two Netflix/Marvel series, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, do not appear to be. This could be due to licensing restrictions with Marvel, or simply that Netflix hasn’t received clearance just yet—which may be the case for up to hundreds of other titles in its catalog, too.

Newer Netflix comedy specials are downloadable, including SNL alum Dana Carvey and current cast member Michael Che.

There’s also much more than just Netflix-product series available for offline viewing, such as Bad Boys II and every episode of Dexter. In fact, there appears to be dozens of movies and television series ready for download. As of now, there are no official guides as to what can/can not be downloaded from Netflix, but the platform does have a special in-app section for discovering offline content.

Netflix offline viewing requires updating the iOS or Android app on your mobile device to the latest version, which is available in the App Store & Google Play now.