A Whole Slate of Netflix Originals Premiere Dates Announced

Netflix spent this past weekend announcing some return dates for some of the network’s favorites, in addition to renewals and new series premieres as well.

Per a press release issued Sunday, two of the network’s biggest hits—House of Cards and Orange is the New Black—will return on Friday, March 4th & Friday, June 17th, respectively. One of my personal favorite new shows from 2015, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, will return for season 2 on tax day, April 15th. Other Netflix originals premiere dates are as follows:

Love (Feb. 11)
Fuller House (Feb. 26)
Flaked (March 11)
The Ranch (April 1)
Marseilles (May 5)
Grace and Frankie (May 6)
Stranger Things (July 15)
The Get Down (Aug. 12)

Among some of the new originals that Netflix has to offer, Love is executive produced by Judd Apatow, while The Ranch reunites Danny Masterson & Ashton Kutcher, along with costars Sam Elliot and Debra Winger. The most interesting of the new Netflix originals is Stranger Things, a Wayward Pines-esque disappearance story starring Winona Ryder and written & directed by the Duffer Brothers.

Finally, some great news for fans of Marvel’s Jessica Jones—Netflix announced the series would return for year two, though a premiere date has not been given at this time.