No, a ‘Game of Thrones’ Movie Is Not Coming Soon

TL;DR version of this story: there is no Game of Thrones movie coming anytime soon.

Now, let’s back up a second…

Earlier this week, UK tabloid Daily Star reported that following this year’s Emmys — in which GoT walked away with a dozen statues — George R.R. Martin confirmed to attendees that a film was indeed in the works, with Martin not involved due to writing commitments. The story went on to quote an anonymous “production insider” who stated that the movie could focus on events that happened before season 1; therefore potentially resurrecting characters such as Ned or Robb Stark or focusing on major GoT historical events like Robert’s Rebellion.

The problem is: the story is 100% false.

Though several major news outlets caught wind of the tabloid’s “story” and published speculation of their own this week, George R.R. Martin himself took to LiveJournal on Monday to put the rumors of an impending movie to rest. While he said the idea is “powerfully attractive”, Martin will be continuing to focus on writing “The Winds of Winter”, and HBO is “still in the TV business”.

Martin went on to compare the GoT movie lore to that of speculation around other HBO hits like SopranosDeadwood, and Rome— though, it is worth pointing out, the idea of an HBO-produced joint on the big screen isn’t entirely a fantasy, as Entourage fans found out this year. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of concluding a show like Game of Thrones on the big screen; nor do I see why fans would want it to end that way, either. As an hour-long HBO drama, GoT not only has the luxury of airing completely uncensored, but, at ten episodes a season, has given us around 20-25 movies already.

There’s also the notion of paying an additional $16 to see something we’re paying for through our HBO subscriptions, which doesn’t sit well with me. In addition, I can’t see how a two hour, even two-and-a-half hour long film would be more satisfying content-wise than the seasons we get now.

Then again, the potential of seeing something besides the series finale — say, an even like Robert’s Rebellion, not shown (but discussed) on the small-screen — would likely be compelling enough to get my butt into a theater. And HBO does stand to gain from an big-screen Game of Thrones experience: last Super Bowl, GoT raked-in an impressive $1.9 million in a single weekend by showing repeats of previously-aired episodes on limited IMAX screens nationwide.

Whether or not a Game of Thrones movie ever arrives, fans will be entering new & uncharted territory in coming seasons, as Martin (a notoriously slow writer) has two yet-to-be-published novels with no release date in sight, and the HBO show out of published material.