For the Love of God, Showtime, PLEASE Start Supporting Chromecast

Update 11/11: Showtime is now available via Google Chromecast!!

HBO Go might just be one of the best premium television services around; not only does it provide content not found anywhere else, but it offers episodes of currently-airing series basically right-after they premiere new episodes on TV. They’ve integrated with Google Chromecast, too, and several other streaming-box providers, to offer up a range of viewing options that is second-to-none. HBO has also gone a step further, offering older series the chance to shine on within services such as Amazon Prime

Showtime needs to take a lesson from its’ premium counterpart. Several of them, in fact.

While it’s true that the Showtime series Dexter received some fairly significant promotion through Netflix in its day (in fact, that is how I personally first started watching it), Showtime hasn’t done much in the realm of offering up its unique content to people who aren’t direct subscribers. Even those who are (which, recently, began to include myself), don’t have as easy access to Showtime series as we really could.

Don’t get me wrong– the Showtime Anytime app is beautiful. If you don’t mind viewing shows on your tablet or mobile device, Showtime Anytime is damn near perfect.

I’m just not really one of those people.

I don’t have much of a commute to work (fortunately enough), which means that most of my media consumption is done at home. Where I have a nice big-screen TV hanging on my wall– which makes watching television on my tablet seem somewhat counterintuitive. This is why, although initially poo-pooing Chromecast, that little $25 device has become quite handy.

Only, currently, Showtime Anytime doesn’t support Chromecast. And they don’t offer an app for my Sony TV or Playstation 3. In light of this, I’ve been reluctant to start watching Homeland or Shameless, which I do have an interest in, simply because it’s not very convenient.

I know, I know…. #firstworldproblems. I get it. But, hell, I do pay for the content, so why not enjoy it, right?? And if I’m truly going to enjoy it, it won’t be on a 9″ screen, thankyouverymuch.

So, in summary, Showtime, here’s my request: please start supporting Chromecast as soon as humanly possible. It’s not a big ask, or anything unreasonable, so let’s make this happen, huh?


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