Summer 2014 TV Shows to Set Your DVR For

The last thing anyone should be thinking about over the Summer is sitting around watching television– unfortunately, in the real world, many of us still do need to work during the warm months of the year, so there is (for many of us) some downtime required. Luckily, for those times, air conditioning, Netflix, and, yes, television make great bedfellows.

While everyone should be aware of OITNB‘s season 2 return last Friday, there is certainly more than Litchfield Pen to keep us busy for the next few months. Check out the list of Summer 2014 TV shows I believe are worth taking a break from the sun for; feel free to add any I missed in the comments below!


Crossbones, Friday 9pm on NBC

While some have criticized John Malkovich’s choice of accent (and his lack of character-defining black beard), I’ve found the first two episodes of this swash-buckling saga quite interesting. Set years after the pirate’s “death”, Malkovich’s Blackbeard is entertaining, insightful, and cunning, and while some of the plot seems a little thin so far, the impressive visuals (done mostly on-location, and not through the use of CGI) and sharp dialogue is worthy of 45 minutes of your time each week. Only two episodes have aired thus far (both available on-demand), and the show returns on the 20th.


Murder in the First, Monday 9pm on TNT

Remember Steven Bochco? He was doing the whole “law and order” thing long before Dick Wolf ever got a typewriter. Well, he’s back, but instead of the “solve the case in an hour” formula, Murder in the First will deal with a single case for the entire season (ala True Detective), as did another Bochco show, Murder One, which I thoroughly enjoyed back in the ’90’s, but didn’t catch on with the public. I think younger viewers might be turned off by the slow-paced detective work on this show; however, TNT is promising “shocking twists” throughout, so this one might just be worth while.


The Leftovers, Sunday 8pm on HBO (beginning June 29th)

With Game of Thrones ending this Sunday, HBO is hoping sci-fi audiences stick around for Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers, which takes place following a global “rapture” of sorts, in which 2% of the population disappears without a trace. As a big fan of Lost, I’m curious to see what Lindelof has up his sleeve for this adaptation of the Tom Perrotta novel of the same name. The trailers look interesting, though I’ve not forgotten enough about the Lost series finale yet to not be a bit skeptical.

Other Summer 2014 TV shows I’ll be watching:

  • Halt and Catch Fire, Sunday 9pm on AMC
  • Suits, Wednesday 8pm on USA
  • Graceland, Wednesday 9pm on USA
  • Rizzoli & Isles, Tuesday 8pm on TNT (beginning June 17th)
  • Perception, Tuesday 9pm on TNT (beginning June 17th)
  • The Last Ship, Sunday 9pm on TNT (beginning June 22nd)
  • The Strain, Sunday 9pm on FX (beginning July 13th)
  • You’re the Worst, Thursday 9:30pm on FX (beginning July 17th)

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