Fellow TV Junkies: Sunday Will Be the Best Day of 2015 (So Far)

Unless I meet the woman of my dreams between now & then (hey, it could happen), this Sunday will be the best day of 2015 so far.

Look, the Super Bowl was great & all; but until my Bears get their shit together (also, could happen), watching two other teams battle it out in between an array of overpriced (and, sometimes, depressing) TV ads in the midst of a record snowstorm (the fifth-largest in Chicago in recorded history) won’t rank in my top 10 days this year for very long.

Luckily, for those of you who also find happiness in televised entertainment, Sunday February 8th will be a big night.

First up: the return of The Walking Dead on AMC (Sunday, 8pm). Following the dramatic conclusion to the first-half of the season (I won’t give it away here…), Rick & Co will be forced to deal with death, survival, and, of course, troops of hungry, mindless Walkers. Sound like every other episode you’ve seen of TWD until this point? Sure. But you know you’ll be tuning-in anyway, right?

Image via Vox

One show that hasn’t gotten nearly enough exposure ahead of its premiere is HBO’s true-crime documentary The Jinx (Sunday, 7pm). In a real-life “whodunit?” that has the potential to captivate audiences hooked on True Detective  or any of the Law & Order series, The Jinx follows the story of real estate mogul Robert Durst, whose wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances back in 1982. Durst, long suspected of her murder, has consistently maintained his innocence the past 30-plus years — even through the murder of a key witness in 2000, and the death/dismemberment of a neighbor in the years following. Crime stories have always held a high preference on my “watch list”, and I’m really looking forward to The Jinx‘s premiere.

Regardless of how big of a TWD fan you are, there’s little doubt your bathroom breaks will be taken before 9pm this Sunday, when the highly-anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, premieres on AMC. In full-disclosure, I definitely wasn’t excited when news of Better Call Saul first leaked back during Bad‘s final half-year. But, frankly, I have incredibly high-hopes for this show; and, from what I’ve read from early critic reviews & heard from people I know that have already viewed the pilot, Better Call Saul could wind up being the best new show of 2015. Better Call Saul will get a two-night premiere next week, with the second episode airing Monday night.