“The Leftovers” Departs After Season 3

Though season two’s John Murphy (Kevin Carroll) claimed there was “no miracles in Miracle”, HBO today delivered a miracle of their own, and renewed the critically-acclaimed yet ratings-light The Leftovers for a third season.

The catch (one reportedly requested by Damon Lindelof): season three of The Leftovers will be the show’s last.

Even with the ratings decline from the first to second seasons, The Leftovers really stepped-up their game in season two (admittedly, I was hooked the first year, despite a confusing plot)—moving the Garvey family and other main cast members to Miracle, Texas, the only town in the entire world to be spared from The Departure. The storyline tightened up in year two; still including some paranormal elements, but more transparent and certainly, less depressing than the debut season. 

Lindelof—famous for similar unexplainable events on Losttold HitFlix before season two began that the first year of The Leftovers left him “depressed” (as it did many viewers, who didn’t return for year two); which is the reason HBO took so long for a renewal announcement. However, the second season had a brighter feel, regardless of the often-disheartening subject matter; and this year, the premium network decided on bringing back The Leftovers in just a few days after the season finale.

Both season one & two finales could have easily been series-enders; though, it is exciting to have the show back again in 2016, even if it will be wrapping up. No official date has been set for the premiere of the third & final season of The Leftovers.