The Return of “Twin Peaks”: The Original Cable Drama Before Cable Dramas

Twin Peaks fans: remember how, when you watched the series finale the first time, the late Laura Palmer’s “see you again in 25 years” message didn’t seem to mean much of anything?

Guess we just didn’t quite understand.

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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, ’90’s cult classic Twin Peaks will be returning to television after a 25 year absence in 2016. It’s fitting that the show will mark its “season 3” on a network like Showtime; after all, Twin Peaks was more like the cable dramas we have on the air now than anything like any of the shows ABC was showing at the time (likely why the show only stayed on television for two seasons, despite a very loyal following).

Twin Peaks was The Sopranos or Fargo before they were even conceived (it just happened to air on a network)– David Lynch & Mark Frost took a slow, methodical approach to a pretty far-out-there storyline and developed the intricacies of the characters over weeks instead of hours (like they didn’t even care about ratings or anything).

Peaks‘ return announcement was made in completely modern-day fashion, of course: with series creators Frost & Lynch tweeting , identically, at 11:30am last Friday (also the same time that Agent Cooper first entered the town of Twin Peaks in the pilot) the following:



Which, on Monday, was followed by this ominous video posted to Showtime’s YouTube channel:

Now we know, officially, the show will start production next year, and will air on the 25th anniversary of the series finale, June of 2016. While no cast or plot has been outlined yet, we also know that this won’t be a reboot– but, instead, a continuation from where we left off.

Michael Ausiello of has a great interview of Mark Frost I recommend checking out. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a fix of Twin Peaks, Netflix has both seasons available for streaming now.

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