Twitter’s First TNF Broadcast Draws Over 2 Million

Over two million online viewers checked out Twitter’s Thursday Night Football inaugural livestream this Thursday, per a report published by the NFL.

The numbers for the Twitter TNF premiere fall in line with what Yahoo received for their exclusive London broadcast last season—not all that bad, considering Yahoo was the only place to watch that broadcast, while the Twitter livestream was a companion piece to television. The total viewing audience across all platforms for the Bills/Jets matchup, according to the NFL, neared 16 million.

Unlike in Yahoo’s case, however, in which “total streams” was the metric used to calculate viewers, Twitter’s livestream viewership was calculated using a metric more comparable to television ratings—the average number of viewers per minute of the broadcast being the common denominator for both.

Viewership, however, won’t end up meaning much to Twitter—or Wall Street. The real number that anyone is going to care about, which the social network hasn’t released, will be how many of those viewers were new/returning users, and whether or not the platform earned any sign ups as a result of TNF. As discussed when Twitter was awarded Thursday Night Football earlier this year, accounts are not required to livestream the game via the network.

Advertisers, however, will at least utilize the Twitter TNF premiere numbers as a benchmark for determining whether or not to invest in video advertising through Amplify the next time out.