X-Files Returns to Fox for a Limited Series Run

Hope you’ve got some sunflower seeds handy.

Fox made big news on the Intertubes today with their announcement that The X-Files would return to the small screen for a limited six-episode run. Production is slated to begin this Summer (though no planned air date has been given just yet). 

The resurrection of Mulder & Scully 13 years after the series was cancelled has been the subject of unfounded online speculation for years — though, stars David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson did little to quell these rumors. The pair added fuel to the fire back in 2013 when, during a Reddit AMA prior to appearing together for an X-Files reunion event at Comic-Con, they themselves confirmed a third movie was in the works. Admittedly, I personally like the “limited series” idea much more than another X-Files flick; though I didn’t honestly see the 2008 installment, it was panned by critics.

The X-Files return follows the success Fox enjoyed by bringing Jack Bauer back for a 12-show run of 24 this past Summer — and, could be on the air at about the same time as Showtime’s revival of the cult-classic Twin Peaks.

It will be interesting to see if Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator Vince Gilligan returns for the limited series, as he was a writer/producer on the original X-Files (though, he does have his plate a little full at the moment). Series creator/EP Chris Carter will be back, though — in addition to Duchovny & Anderson. It would be great to see some of the rest of the cast return as well; though, again, not much has been confirmed at this point.

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