YouTube TV: Another $35/Month Cord-Cutting Option

People spend over one billion hours per day watching YouTube. Google wants us to spend even more—so, it’s now offering a way to watch TV on YouTube.

The aptly-named YouTube TV, launching “soon”, will run subscribers $35/month for up to six accounts. The four major broadcast networks are on-board (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX), as are over 30 cable channels for the initial launch. Users can also add Showtime for a nominal fee.

YouTube TV’s major selling point compared to other streaming services is the unlimited space for recording shows offered by Google. Recorded broadcasts will be stored on YouTube, instead of a subscriber’s home device—creating a virtual limitless “DVR” which will be saved for up to 9 months. There is also no limit to the number of recordings that can be run concurrently. In addition, YouTube will offer subscribers an on-demand library of past seasons for participating shows.

According to MarketingLand, Google will have the opportunity to sell some of the ad space appearing within YouTube TV broadcasts—some of which may be sold through the auction system on Google AdWords, as YouTube’s other video inventory is sold now.

YouTube TV is the company’s second go-round with a pay-for model in the past 18 months: in October of 2015, YouTube Red, an ad-free subscription service was introduced for $10/month. Along with the ability to watch YouTube videos with no ads, the platform ushered-in original content (which will carry-over to YouTube TV) and offline viewing (which will not).

YouTube has set up a page for interested subscribers to be notified when YouTube TV launches, which is located here.

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